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Cleaning Services

We clean all kinds of ducting to a high standard, and provide you with a safety certificate and photographic evidence of our work. We are experts in cleaning all kitchen extraction systems and ventilation ducting.


We have wide experience of cleaning different extraction systems – when you call we will ask you a few questions so we can give you an accurate quotation over the phone and can tell you how long the job will take. If you have an unusual system we offer a free survey and quotation service.


When we give you a quotation we also discuss the best time for you to have your system cleaned. We want to make sure you don’t lose business so we work with you to make sure that the cleaning takes place at a time when there will be minimal disruption and we always let you know in advance how long it will take.


When the job is complete we give you a certificate recognised by insurance companies as proof that your system has been cleaned to TR19 standards. We also give you photographic evidence for your own peace of mind.

Regular Service Contract

To help you make sure your extraction and ventilation systems are always cleaned on schedule we offer a regular service contract. We will remind you when the system is due to be cleaned and you can spread the cost over the year. Because there are different options depending on how often your system needs cleaning we can discuss this with you when we give you your quotation.

Cleaning Schedule

The Health and Safety Requirements on the number of times your system should be cleaned during the year are based on the number of hours a day you fry food:

Up to 6 Hours a Day

1 Time Each Year

6-12 Hours a Day

2 Times Each Year

12 – 16 Hours a Day

3 Times Each Year

16+ Hours a Day

4 Times Each Year

We can set up a schedule with you for the whole year or we can remind you when your next clean is due and book the time at that point – whichever you prefer.

The Spettro Duct Clean Process

Quotation & Survey

We’ll give you a  free price quotation and onsite survey if required.

Schedule & Clean

We arrange the best time for our fully trained staff to arrive and clean your equipment.


Evidence & Certification

We provide photographic evidence of our work and issue you with a cleaning certificate.

After Clean Process

The regulatory reform (FIRE SAFETY) Order 2005 stipulates that by law a fire risk assessment should be undertaken.

This requires the building’s owner or workplace manager to delegate a responsible person to identifying all possible sources of fire and eliminate or at least minimise the risk to the building’s occupants.

Regular extract system cleaning will remove the most common cause of fire within the kitchen.

We are increasingly seeing and hearing evidence that failure to clean the extract system by a professional accredited kitchen extraction cleaning company will invalidate insurance policies after fire.

Before Clean Process

No matter how efficient your canopy, Plenum, Filters and ducting are at trapping grease particles it is inevitable that deposits will start building inside your system. If you do not undertake regular cleaning the grease over time will build and become baked on and difficult to remove. This will reduce the effectiveness of the system shortening the life of the fan and also creating a serious fire hazard in your kitchen.

Another problem is bacteria develops in the fatty moist deposits, this becomes hazardous to health and also becomes a food source for cockroaches.

Regular cleaning of the extraction system will ensure the safety of the business, building, staff and customers are not at risk from fire.

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