Why Clean Ductwork

This question can be answered in two aspects first  the health perspective and second the legal perspective , Neither is more important than the other, but one is legally enforceable, the other is enforceable by  your state of  health. There are many reasons why these should be carried out in order to conform to regulations. The requirements justify the purpose of our service.


You must safeguard your health: SPETTRO believes” you are what you breathe” In biological terms, breathing accounts for the majority of the body’s physical processes. Respiration is the process of getting oxygen into the body in order to convert food into energy.

Many people believe that respiration means simply to “Breath” and consists of the action of the lungs; But this would be a very basic explanation. Most processes within the body are facilitated with the use of oxygen. All tissues cannot survive without it.  The red blood cells are specifically designed for the transport of oxygen around the body. On a microscopic level, within each cell, there are mitochondria which process external matter including oxygen into energy. So next time you are in  your place of work, or office apartment block look up and take a look at the ventilation system supplying your environment – because your health and well being depends upon it .


Legal requirements can sometimes be costly, However their purpose is to ensure and protect those issues discussed in the health and safety perspective. This developed into what is now the Workplace Health, Safety & Welfare Regulations 1992 section 5 states that “Devices and systems to which this regulation applies shall be maintained (including cleaned as appropriate ) in an efficient working order and in good repair… Where appropriate…devices and systems ..shall be subject to the suitable system of maintenance.

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